Dec 28- The site has been picked up nationally by MSNBC!

this site makes NO CLAIM of guilt or truth. We take no side in this case. This is simply a collection of information and images sent to us about the ongoing case. Whenever credit is not given or information is found to be untrue, every effort is made to correct the mistake as fast as possible. Please contact us if you find any errors.
Dec 28: Craig declares his innocence
to reporters outside courthouse - Scroll down to today's news to read entire transcript

Dec 27: NEW PICS of Craig and Kelly in Jail

Click here for Craig Titus DVD available

Click here for Craig Titus DVD available

Dec 27: This page is dedicated to the fair and impartial exchange of knowledge regarding the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan involvement in the murder of Melissa James in Las Vegas, NV.

Craig Titus
(click here for Craig Titus video)is a professional bodybuilder accused of murder. Arrested on Dec 24th, he is being extradited to Nevada to face murder and arson charges


Dec 26:
A long conversation with Matt Cline - Craig Titus' best friend and the man he drove 3000 miles to meet- provided some terrific information on the case. What do we now know?

1- Matt Cline was in the process of talking to the feds when Craig was captured. Matt declined their insistent "offer" to help, and while they were at his house discussing it with him, Craig was captured. They were leaning on him, but his help was never needed or used.

2- The feds were trying to set up a trap for Craig at 4 pm. He was followed throughout the town and captured without incident at 3:35 pm.

3- Ten people in Las Vegas knew where Craig was heading, and the feds were tracking them across the country. They knew Craig had traded in his truck for another truck, a conspicuous jacked-up Dodge with tinted windows

4- Matt Cline is a good friend of Titus. You can hear the love in his voice.

5- While Matt admits he isn't perfect and hasn't been a saint, he addressed each of the accusations and presented a very believable case for why one particular poster, M.V., holds such a grudge.

6- Evidence points to Craig being guilty only of trying to protect the women in his life. Sad, but true

7- freecraigtitus.com retracts and apologizes for any incorrect information posted in the past about Matt K. He has cleared h
is name in our eye, and seemed to be, above all, a good friend in a tough spot.


Dec 26:
Emails have flowed all day from readers who have had past contact with Titus and Ryan, as well as the man who they drove 3000 miles to meet.

ARSONIST? Well, duh...

has information that Craig didn't kill MJ, but someone very close to him did. You do the math. Craig didn't seem too concerned about being captured, telling several people of his plans even AFTER the car was torched. Authorities in Mass. were waiting.

Click HERE for the unconfirmed anonymous letter.

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