hi, don't know if it will matter to anyone, but i work at an auto repair shop in stoughton MA, about 400 feet down the road from the shaws plaza where titus was arrested. craig titus and his wife came to the shop i work at looking to get the oil changed on his truck. he was very friendly and didn't seem nervous or in a hurry at all. he told a few of us that he and his wife had just bought the truck in las vegas and had driven straight to massachusetts. he said they had been sleeping in the back of the truck, and seemed to be in good spirits and to be having a great time. somebody noticed the temporary license plate, so he told us he had just gotten it, how much he had paid for the truck and even chatted about what kind of gas mileage he was getting. since the truck (tan dodge 4 door with a lift kit and what looked like about 35" tires) was a diesel, we did not have the correct oil filter in stock for that motor so we turned him away without performing the service. my boss was trying to get in the bathroom and came back in complaining that the guy and girl were washing up and brushing their teeth in there so he couldn't use it. they eventually got out of the bathroom and were on their way. i suppose they must have headed to the nail salon from there, it's as i said maybe 400 feet or so from my shop. about a half hour or so later we saw tons of cop cars whipping by and even a van with swat guys driving it heading toward the shaws plaza. one guy who works for us said he saw a dodge pickup going by on a towtruck, but i didn't see that. eventually we found out that it was the same truck that had been at our shop shortly before, and we learned on the news what had happened. now i have no idea whether he killed the woman or not, but i did see him, he hung around maybe for 10 or 15 minutes, and he didn't seem to be on the run. he told us he had come from las vegas, and the truck he was driving was not the kind of vehicle you would pick to run from the cops. either an innocent person or a complete bonehead would stop at a shop right on a main road to get an oil change if they were running from something. and if they were leaving the country for good, i really don't know why he would care one bit about changing the oil in a truck he would never see again. and talk about a high maintainance girl, just burnt up a girl in a car,running from the cops, HAS to get the nails done? seems kind of odd. evidence wise most signs seem to point to titus and ryan, but from what i saw they didn't seem the least bit concerned. so who knows if it is helpful at all, but i was curious about the case, having been very temporarily involved with titus, so i figured i'd send it your way and maybe you can use it. any questions feel free to ask. thanks. www.freecraigtitus.com