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Did you know?
Darrem Charles won the 2003 Maximus Pro Italy.

Main >> Articles >> Contest >> IFBB Pro Undercover #23.

Learn the truth about the bodybuilding underground.

IFBB Pro Undercover #23.

By: IFBB Undercover

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #23

As I stated in column number 22, Victor Martinez (picture) is still incarcerated in a New York City jail house. Reliable sources have indicated his sentence was drastically reduced from 4-6 years to only 90 days incarceration and 5 years parole upon his release with extensive drug testing (no more competing). I only know of one way to get a sentenced reduced of that magnitude and that is to sing like a bird. After intensive investigation I've found out that charges were brought upon Mr. Martinez as a result of selling steroids and ecstasy to an undercover narcotics officer posing as a personal training client of Victor's for over 1 year. In other words; Martinez was un-knowingly personal training an undercover cop and selling him steroids for over a year. I think I can speak for everyone in the bodybuilding community when I say that Victor Martinez was destined to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world and will be missed greatly.

I have been trying to research steroids not because I want to take them but because I think they are very interesting. My mom is a nurse and I have taken a sports medicine class in school and we both have heard that steroid and growth hormone use will definitely cause side effects. I even saw a documentary and these guys were complaining of migraines, bitch tits, roid rage, etc. I know you have said that all pros are healthy by why do others say otherwise?

Well, the only pros I know that have had any health problems were told by their physicians that the conditions (kidney failure) were not caused by the steroid use but rather excessive amounts of narcotics and or diuretics. The athletes themselves have stated these facts. Also, it has been proven that the professional bodybuilders that have passed away over the years died because of excessive diuretic use. (Note: Diuretics are used to eliminate water from the body in order to look as ripped as possible.) For this reason the IFBB has implemented the procedure of extensive drug testing for diuretics and narcotics.

There is absolutely no proof what so ever that steroids used by themselves have caused any deaths or health problems. Now, if you're using steroids and snorting a gram of cocaine a day then you're destined for some real problems. That goes with just about any drug there is.

Before And After Surgery For "Bitch Tits"

I have in fact known quite a few bodybuilders that have suffered from bitch tits but that can be solved with very minor surgery. In fact, most pros have had the procedure done at one time in the career.

As far as roid rage is concerned, bull! If you're an a-hole before you use steroids, you'll be an a-hole while you're taking steroids. Roid rage is the biggest cop out I've ever seen. Some guys with their friggin' fragile egos think it's cool to lose their temper and then blame it on the steroids. Or in more cases an athlete gets into a fight ending up severely hurting someone and then their lawyer defending them in court blaming it all on the roids in hopes of a reduced sentenced with anger management classes and drug testing... seen it a million times.

I wanted to know if it's okay to eat the same foods day in and day out. My diet consists of chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, oatmeal, eggs and a couple other things but do these foods ever lose their "potency" if used every day of your life?

Honestly, as a pro bodybuilder I happen to believe the less you vary your food groups while dieting the easier it is to diet. The foods you're using will not lose their potency but they may become very redundant to you as the weeks go by. It makes things very simple if you prepare the same foods every day. That way you can work your way into a rhythm of consumption so to speak. But, it is very important to throw a cheat day in at least once week to throw your metabolism for a loop. Having a cheat day means eating foods loaded with fat, sugar and sodium such as pizza, cheese cake, fruit, etc. This will allow you to keep burning body fat by constantly confusing your body.

With companies like VPX making products so "close" to steroids, do you think this helped lead to the outlawing of certain Andro products in California and possibly the country? Also, is it safe to assume that if they are outlawed, they work effectively? What VPX stacks would you recommend to capture "steroid like" gains?

I was not aware of the fact that some Andro products were outlawed in California, such hypocritical bullshit! (Note: 4-Androstenediol was banned.) Yes, it is very accurate to say that VPX prohormone products do in fact work. These supplements are designed to raise your own natural testosterone levels. The only reason they would have been outlawed is if they worked, so there is your answer. I do highly recommend the use of Andro products especially to those bodybuilders who choose to go the drug free route. Sometimes I get a little nervous myself when I think of how many milligrams I'm using for my quest to put on more muscle. I cannot imagine the extent that Ronnie Coleman has went to get the results he has over the last three years, my God!

I just want to know what supplements you would suggest for weight loss and gaining muscle.

Real simple; purchase yourself the following supplements:

Drink approximately 60 grams of whey protein mixed with approximately 10 grams of glutamine before and after training. Take approximately 10 grams of creatine twice daily with two of your meals. Take the BCAA's four times daily with meals and take the multi's once in the A.M. and once in the P.M. Most important is to take the Xenadrine in the A.M. on an empty stomach and then do your cardio before you eat. This will peel off body fat like nothing you have ever seen before.

Is it just me or does it seem like Kevin Levrone and Gunter are getting called out with the top guys because of their names or even their past performances? I mean, I've watched the 2003 Olympia several times and I cannot figure out for the life of me how they were in the top six.

I've watched the Olympia tape about 20 times myself trying to figure out that exact thing. Kevin for example had absolutely nothing happening from the waist down. Not to mention he looked like he weighed about 230 pounds which is mere shadow of Levrone of the past. He had a film of water on his upper body and his posing routine is ridiculous. The routine looks like a bunch of experimental poses he's thinking up as the music plays; it's kind of funny if you really watch. Bottom line is he's getting called out with NO legs because of what he used to be.

Gunter Schlierkamp And Kevin Levrone At The 2003 Olympia.

Gunter, did he even put tanning stain on at the night show? His color was yellow at best, his traps had no color whatsoever and the little color he had was blotchy. Anyone else would have been penalized no doubt. Now let's talk about the skin hanging from his stomach and lower back... he was flat and soft. What's up with that cheesy posing routine? "I believe in passion, I believe in trust, I believe in God and most of all I believe in you", Gunter said. Can you say suck the fans asses! It's sad to say but these two guys are going to be called out whether they deserve to be or not in every show they do.

Do Judges Favor The More Popular Pros During Competitions?
Yes - The Judges Like Them Better.
No - The Judges Are Always Fair.
Sometimes - Probably Depends On The Judge.

I'm new into bodybuilding and I'm wondering how contests are scored. Do they score all the muscle separately or do they compare poses of most muscular then double bicep? I'm real confused. Does Ronnie Coleman win every round against others because he's bigger? Please explain.

There are three rounds of scoring starting with a symmetry round that is judged by the athletes performing quarter turns. This can show a judge how well an athlete is put together by looking to see if the muscle on the bodybuilder is symmetrical from his left to right side. In other words, are his arms the same size, do his calves match his quads, are his pectoral muscles the same size and does he possess the sought after V-taper, etc.?

Then there is the muscularity round. This is the round where the athletes hit mandatory poses which can show a judge exactly how conditioned the bodybuilder is. There is a certain grainy effect the athlete is trying to achieve by getting the skin as thin as possible but at the same time keeping the muscle full and round.

Then there is the posing round at the night show. This round gives a chance for the athlete to show off his physique and his stage presence. Ronnie Coleman wins every round because he is without a doubt the best in the world. He not only is absolutely huge but he has beautiful lines and gets conditioned like no other athletes do. Ronnie Coleman will never be beaten and will retire someday with the most Olympia wins.

Keep the questions coming and I'll tell it like it is, every time. The Arnold Classic is coming up and it will be interesting to see how they judge Kevin and Gunter. Only time will tell but I guarantee they will be called out with the top guys whether they deserve to be or not.

Don't forget to e-mail your questions to me at right away! See you next month on


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