Craig Titus Shares His Thoughts

Craig Titus Shares His Thoughts

August 2004 to January 2005

Craig Titus

Itís been a long time since Iíve updated my Titus Talks, but truth be told, Iíve been extremely busy over the past 5 months (2004) either traveling, performing, guest posing, training Vince Neil from Motley Crue for VH1 and preparing for competitions. So, quick apologies for those that have been asking me to update my column.

I would like to first thank my sponsors for the last two years of support, Pinnacle/Cytodyne Nutrition. You guys are the best, both in supplements and professionalism. Hereís to another two years of working together. I would also like to thank one of the best magazines on the stands, Muscular Development Magazine, where you can read my Titus Talks column every month. I will continue to keep it real for all you MD readers!

I know itís already January and most of us are preparing for the Ironman at this time but Iím compelled to thank everyone who came out to the 3rd Annual Olympia After Party that followed the Olympia at Seven Nightclub. Itís hard to believe that I started this party three years ago and it has grown to be the best Bodybuilding and Fitness industry party to date. Itís nice to see a vision I had three years ago come true with such huge success. I especially want to thank my hosts Adela, Jenny Lynn, Starling Steele and Kelly Ryan. Seven Nightclub was absolutely packed and everyone attended, with far too many celebrities for me to even start mentioning. The sponsors that made it happen were as follows; my headline sponsors were Pinnacle, GNC and Muscular Development. Others included, (thanks to Ronís camera work),, NPC News Magazine (thanks to JMís camera work, always catching some one LOL), Muscle Elegance Magazine,,, D&A Nutrition,,,, Gerstner & Associates,, Lanaís Egg Whites, Dr. Julio Garcia, Max Muscle, BioChem and Phat Muscle Clothing. The 4th Annual Olympia After Party will be bigger and better, thatís a promise!

My 2005 season will start with the Ironman on February 19th in Pasadena California, and then travel to Australia for the Australian Grand Prix on March 20th. Iíve decided to decline on my invite to the Arnold Classic simply because the competition is extremely stiff. Believe when I say that I was honored to receive my third invitation to the AC, but after analyzing the quality of athletes who just placed in the Olympia, Iím just not that confident I can break into the top five even though I placed sixth last year. One thing Iíve learned in this sport is you have to pick your shows strategically to continue to remain successful, and thatís exactly what I intend to do. If itís true Chris Cormier is in fact sitting out the Ironman, I feel very confident I can break into the top three. My contest prep is back to old school, no more final adjustments only to flatten me out. My contest prep is right on track and Iím looking forward to competing on February 19th. See you in California.

Big Steve Weinberger is putting on the New York Pro Show in May. We all how awesome the NY crowds are so I might be competing in his event as well. Letís see how I fair in the first two and then Iíll know.

Thereís something I want to clear up for the VERY LAST time and I mean the last time. I am not ďIFBB Pro UndercoverĒ who writes that column on, period. At first when people in this industry speculated it was me, I thought it was funny but now itís starting to get old really fast. Just realize a few things; I myself have been torn apart in many of the articles written by this mysterious pro. Also, I realize I am married to Kelly Ryan and my opinion of her may be biased because of that fact but keep in mind there are individuals who believe Kelly has won the Olympia several times but will never say it to stay politically correct. So just because this IFBB Pro writes that he or she thinks Kelly won doesnít mean itís me. My congratulations go out to Adela for her win in the Fitness Olympia; sheís my bud and always will be.


Something else I would like to clear up. Apparently an Ultimate Fighter by the name Phil Baroni has disrespected me in a past Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Iíve read he was going to and I quote ďsmack the yellow off my teethĒ and basically knock me out. Thatís not going to happen!! Anything I said in interviews following his remarks were in response to what he said, once again defending myself in print. I couldnít care less what he has to say, nor do I have the time and energy to address the issue on any level and as far as Iím concerned I have absolutely no beef with Phil Baroni. I would really appreciate no more posts on the bodybuilding sites in reference to this issue. There is no issue! Iím way to focused getting ready for my 2005 season to let anything or anyone take me out of my game. The first rule of fight club is ďdonít talk about fight clubĒ.

I also want to give a shout out to my man Tito Ortez. I love watching Tito fight in the Octagon and I love to watch him win even more, good luck in your up coming fight here in Vegas in February.

The Vince Neil concert at the Palms hotel on October 3rd was totally off the hook. Kelly and I were front row for one of the best concerts I have ever had the privilege to see. The Remaking of Vince Neil is running on VH1 about three to four times a day so check it out. It was a great honor to train Vince and be a part of such a positive production.


Kelly and I are no longer associated with Lou Druck nor do we endorse Olympic Tanning products. Mr. Druck (so called owner of Olympic Tanning Products) is one of the old school con men who think they just donít have to pay, even though they use your name and avenues of promotion. After signing Kelly and myself to a three year contract in which the first few months included us plugging Olympic in several magazines, web sites and we talked about the product at shows, Druckís decided he doesnít have to pay us our monthly salary. For some reason far beyond my comprehension this ignoramus cannot grasp the concept of a Professional Athlete Endorsement Contract. He thinks that sales of product have something to do with using our names to sell the product, what? Ya, like Michael Jordan doesnít get paid if he doesnít set up accounts. Or even worse, he knows heís wrong but in reality the man has no honor. Donít take my word for it, he conned Bob Chic for money as well. These individuals like Lou Druck and Olympic Tanning should be removed from our industry so they cannot exploit athletes and get away with it. You might ask yourself why Titus doesnít just take him to court for the three years of contract money. Well, here is an actual letter from my attorney:

ďAs I previously indicated, I am unable to send a demand letter to Olympic Tanning because a lack of a corporate address. Furthermore, the lack of address will make it impossible to make a meaningful demand upon Olympic Tanning. Accordingly, I am returning the file to you. I have looked in various data bases and the Secretary of State records for both Florida and Nevada and have been unable to obtain any corporate information with respect to the Olympic Tanning CompanyĒ.

Basically, the guy doesnít claim anything to the government and cons his way thru life. Does Olympic Tanning even exist? Well, sometimes you screw over the wrong person and then you get exposed. So, if you deal with Lou Druck, youíve been for warned.

Kelly and I want to wish all the best to Mike Matarrazzo and to his speedy recovery. Mike has always been one of the nicest and more personable pros in the circuit for many years; we wish him all the best in health and happiness.

Iíve been receiving dozens of e-mails from bodybuilders wanting to know my Vitamin/Mineral and Supplement scheme prior to a show. I use all Great Earth Vitamins Minerals and Supplements as well as Pinnacle Protein and NRG from Cytodyne to prepare for my shows. This is a daily example of how I do it:


1.   Multi Mineral 1@ 8 am & 1@ 6 pm
2.   Super C 1000 1 @ 8 am & 2@ 6 pm
3.   Super Oxy E 1000 1 @ 8 am
4.   Isomer E 400 IU 1 @ 6 pm
5.   Omega 3 Fish Oil Caps 2 @ 8 am 2 @ 6 pm 1 @ bedtime
6.   C Q10 1 @ 8 am 1 @ 6 pm


1.   L-Carnitine 500 mg 4 tabs
2.   L-Glutamine 500 mg 4 caps
3.   Free Form Aminos 2500 mg 6 caps
4.   BCAAís 600 mg 6 caps
5.   Pyruvate 1000 mg 2 tabs


1.   BCAAís 600 mg 6 caps
2.   Free Form Aminos 2500 mg 6 caps
3.   L-Ornithine L-Arginine 600 mg 4 caps
4.   ZMA 4 caps

Good luck with your next contest!

Craig Titus

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